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100% Antichamber within timelimit

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Worlds 1st video showing 100% game completion - within the 90 minute time limit ( or rather @ the 90 minute mark)This is a complete spoiler for the game so if you plan on playing it then don't watch this video!100% - All images- All rooms and hallways - all secret rooms - (ALL?) 15 pink cubesI decided to go for the black gun straight off just to make it all that little bit more interesting. Clearly this isn't a hard try at a speedrun of the game and I did get a little lost for the last 10 minutes on exactly what I needed to do to finish.I like that the hardest "loop" I had trouble closing was in "a loop that won't close" puzzle - All i had to do was walk down the hallway, ended up being the hardest thing in the run.- I came back after then end to finish off 1 secret room - 1 pink cube and the end staircase that I skipped and then waited for the clock to run out for the final achievement(picture).

Language: Русский
Video runtime: 01:27:32
Author: Schlepian
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