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interactivograf - –– Interactivography - the art of games !

(info about the industry and art of the games)

– Here you can absolutely free to publish any news or an article regarding the industry & art of games (see the news section on the main page or the section "Publisher")
– or put an interesting video (“Video” section) or any other information from different areas (see the section "Blog")
– and also find news about the world of games
– plus, to get acquainted about what other people write and show.

Just login on the site, using your existing profile (or make a new profile) and you can quickly start to put your news about games and also about everything that you're interested (in the bounds of decency!). :)

Here you do not have to worry about frequency rating of this site !!!

You better take care about that your news look beautiful and attractive. And not to worry about how to do something and not to make mistakes, better is to read at least once this page. :)

Share with the world about what you're interested and that you like!
Be on the wave!

– Wish you success and prosperity! :)



General Description (about):

This site is primarily dedicated to the art and industry of digital-electronic games, to the game development and gaming devices.

The main purpose of this site - to promote the games as an art form.


Interactivography – is the scientific term for the art of digital-electronic games.

About the term -Interactivography- read more detail on this links:


On this site you can put the texts, video and photos especially related to the art and industry of games.

Be attentive – for publications, discussions etc. this site has specialized sections:

– "Publisher" (texts, photos etc. – only about games ! );

– "Blog" (+ about Board games + anything besides games),

– "Video" (only video, either from YouTube or other resources).

– "Our Forum" (discussions on different themes, topics - about game developing, sharing of experience, about game devices, games, etc.)

– "Guide & Rules" (about this site, rules and recommendations)

– "Contact us" (for writing letters to the administration of this site)

Each section has its special categories - see them in the upper right corner.



Recommendations (guidelines) & Rules:

– The section "Publisher" is special to post (to publish) in there something about the art and industry of games. However, any text that is not related to the games, need to put in the "Blog".

– To publish something in the sections of the site or to write in the topics of the „Forum”, necessarily need to register (in the system "uID") or to enter on the website using your profile from a social network.


– In the section "Publisher" there are two windows for placing texts:

1. In the first window need to place a short description of text (or just place the first few phrases of text). Do not forget here in the first window to place an image, even one funny or pure symbolic, philosophical, but related to your text (to attract attention, when publication will appear on the main page of the site and in the section "Publisher").

Please, in the first window do not place more than one image!!! It is desirable that in the first window to put the image before the text.

2. Also, in the second window already place your whole (entire, all) text.

The maximum number of images in publication is a total of 50 (for one photo album is normal).

– By the way, to the texts for the "Blog" also place at least one image (one image before the text and other already within the text). But it is desirable to place more pictures, so the text to be attractive and interesting. :)


– To place images in your new article, there are two choices (two options):

1. Placing of the image using a link (copy & paste method), which denotes the placement of the image on any site or in a personalized web location for storing images and other files.

Attention! –The image must be a maximum of 675px and 72 dpi in JPG format. And not greater than 1 megabyte, but desirable to 200kb. But, if the image is too large, then the appeared images must be reduced manually, until the maximum 675px in-editor – for to look good and not come out from the site borders. :)


2. The most efficient method: below article find the option "Images [?]:".On his right side is the button "Search" (rus. - Обзор). Click on this button and search in your PC (or mobile) the required image, select it, then click "Open" (rus. - Открыть). On the right side of the button "Search" will appear a short code of the image, something like "$ IMAGE1 $". With the simple method “Copy & paste” put this code into any place of your article.

Remember, please: for this second option is strongly recommended maximum size of image: 675px in 72 dpi, and not greater than 1mb.

The green button "+" (plus) will allow placing multiple images.


– To edit or change something in your publications or delete the publication (article), click on a small square from right side of the title of the publication. Then, from small menu appeared, select the required option.


– Your publication will appear on the first page of the site within a few minutes (approximately 5 minutes).

Of course, do not forget your news and your any publication to share in different social networks, groups and forums, so that you have more readers. This site has a special share-buttons for this purpose.


– The texts and video especially must be in English language.

– If you want to publish something in another language, then necessarily have to translate the text into English (and on video, at least need to add subtitles in English) and publish it again on this site. Therefore, any text (or video) into another language, which place it here on the site, must have its English translation.


– In Tag Board (mini-chat) you can talk directly with someone on website. Even you can edit or delete not even good messages (see the little button with two instruments drawn). By the way, the final editing can be seen only after restart of the page.

In the mini-chat can write only registered users!

Any advertisement placed in the mini-chat, which is not related with games or user activity on the site, will be deleted!!!


– Videos on the site can be adds using a link or upload directly to YouTube, using the site.

This site can automatically access information of links which are from the resources like YouTube and Vimeo. From Twich the links can not be accessed. Therefore, if you want to place video from Twich (or other resources that are not automatically accessed by this site), then best to post these links like article (in the form of article) in the section "Publisher" or "Blog" or on the main page, as news.

Also, the option "Extra" (during placement of the video) allows accurate placement of video.


– If an video, which placed by you, not seen on the website, it means that you are still in the status of "Regular user". Only video from "Cheked user" can be seen on the site. Do not worry, the moderators check all new users and advancing everyone in the status of "Cheked user". If you not have patience to place video and to see it on the site, then immediately ask the administration (through direct letter, see in the "Contact us") to be raised to the status of  "Cheked user". Keep in mind, an video that has already was placed and can not be seen on the site, after your advancement in the new status, anyway will not be seen. Therefore it is necessary to put this video again, after your advancement in the status.


– To be automatically raised to the status of  "Cheked user" you must place only one comment on the site, one news or one publication! And within a half hour or an hour you will be automatically advanced to the status of  "Cheked user". Then any video and any publication, placed by you, it will be seen on the site immediately and you will not need to wait.



– Please do not post about politics, in case if it not related to IT or to art and industry of games.

– Please do not post foreign materials that are protected by copyright.

– Also, is strictly prohibited the placement of the explicit erotic or pornographic materials!!! As an exception, for publication on the website can be accepted the materials which represents the known artworks and appreciated by professional critics. But in case if the focus is only on explicit erotica (such as reproductive organs) and reproductive process, then such material will be deleted.


– Administration of the site does not bear responsibility (is not responsible) for published materials. However, all user publications will be moderate. In case if will be found unsuitable materials, then those publications will be deleted.




On this site you can publish generally the following types of information:

– news and reviews of different games

– news and reviews of indie games;

– news and reviews of mainstream games;

– news and reviews of game engines, editors & other tools for game dev., modding, 3D moddeling, various CGI tools and soft;

– news and reviews of other game devices and technique for gaming (computers, consoles, gadgets, manipulators, etc.) ;

– news about cyber sports competitions, game festivals, exhibition and awards;


– advertising and announcements of games or game devices, game engines and editors;

– diary of development (of games or game devices);

– short descriptions with links to sites dedicated to games and game devices;


– announcement of employers from studios games (seeking for professionals for its team of developers);

– announcement of game developers who seeking a job (-in a few words, short and clear about himself, the job that you are doing better etc.);

– crowdfunding campaigns (from IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, RocketHub etc.);


– different questions about the games and development methods of games;

– information about the history of gaming and game devices;

– manuals, tutorials (video or text) for various editors, utilities and programs for game development;

– any theoretical or practical information regarding games, game development, game devices;


- about board games and anything besides games, like short stories (belonging to yourself) different photos, video etc.;




- Please, in your comments on publications or forum do not offended other members of forums and the other users of this site. Is strictly prohibited insulting the administration. Keep measure at all and respect to each other!

– Is recommended to put the posts (publications) in the English language for a better understanding of all group members. If for you is difficult to write in English, please use software and translation services, like Google Translate -

If you want to publish something in another language, then necessarily have to translate the text into English (and on video, at least need to add subtitles in English) and publish it again on this site.


Any publication, which in some way violate the site rules, will be deleted!

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