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(eng.) Control your own emotions and mood: methods of meditation

You are furious because lose a round in the on-line game?
You are very upset because not pass the level to the end, or have lost the battle with the "boss"?
Do not be angry!
-Want to control your emotions anytime you need?
-Want to raise your mood in any difficult moment?
I propose you some effective methods for this, absolutely accessible for everyone. All you need – a little attention, a little imagination and a lot of desire to get up from negative mud of your own soul, to get rid of bad emotions, to open the way to a brighter life, to efficient work & play, without stress.


Did you know that your own imagination can be your best friend and doctor?

There are some simple meditation techniques that can save you in any difficult time for you. These methods is available to everyone, most importantly, do not be lazy to use your imagination and read them at least once.

Perhaps the term "meditation" scares some beginners. Some people may think that meditation is only for religion or some strange, dangerous and mysterious rituals. -I assure you that such suspicions are absolutely absurd!!! Every religion, in varying degrees, has its meditations methods specific to itself and have nothing in common with what I propose to you now.

Meditation itself is a concentration (a focus) on your own thoughts and depends only on yourself – namely this is a free thinking, over that you can imagine yourself. By the way, meditation is used successfully in modern psychotherapy. –Only you can control meditation, start or finish it as you wish! To meditate, no need to take some absurd positions or connect to strange devices.

Most often the meditation is used for relaxation, then when you start to think freely about what you like, what causes interest, admiration, appeasement - all for relaxation, to get rid of dark thoughts, to illuminate your soul, to calm you, to detach you from routine problems etc. To meditate, ie to think freely, you can always, in every free moment, anywhere, without you ashamed and without disturbing anyone. Meditating on something, does not necessarily have to close your eyes. Although initially, before you learn to meditate normal, sometimes it is desirable to close your eyes. But along the way, you will learn to meditate even with opened eyes.

For meditation of relaxation you can spend few minutes of your time, but most often it takes only around half a minute. And for simple methods, that I propose to you, it's enough just a few seconds!

So, we can conclude that certain meditative thoughts can help you not only relax, but also to control your emotions, your mood – which I propose to you now.

Me, the author of this article, I looked for some effective and rapid method of meditation that could be applied for something more specific, such as control own emotions or raising of the mood. The methods described below I invent personally for myself and I propose to you for use.

Are you ready to learn more?..

So, we begin! -)

-Then follows a detailed description.

1. Meditation The Control of Emotions:

(for simple management of emotions)

Unfortunately, we are not always willing to think little longer on something relaxing, distraction from problems. Therefore, I suggest you the first method of meditation, the most simple and easy, intended to control (to manage) of their own emotions.


Give a form to the emotions - imagine that the positive emotions have a circular shape (the simplest form, shape from the existing) like balls, with white "color". And the negative (bad) emotions imagine already as balls with the "black" color (like the black balls).

Imagine your soul is like a shiny white pillar. Positive and negative emotions (ie black and white balls) like magnets stick (glued) to this pillar, completely covering it. Now be ready to get rid of the black-negative balls-emotions. Perhaps you are wondering – "How to make it?"

-So, close your eyes and with your own imagination and willpower EXPEL all black-negative emotions from pillar! All black balls quickly peel off (break off , separate) from the shining pillar, as if struck by an invisible power, and fall down, disappearing!..

Now around your pillar-soul remained only white balls-emotions! All white balls are visible from the base and up to half of the white pillar. And on top of white balls proudly shines this white pillar, reflecting the pure white light. -Your soul is now clean and around are only good, positives emotions.

- Use this meditation each time when you need a control over their own emotions, when you feel upset, angry, full of rage and generally when you feel that was glued to you too many negative emotions - then get rid of all these black balls-emotions.

Note: Keep in mind that an excess of negative emotions can result in depression and your pillar-soul turn black. Your power of imagination and willpower should turn it into one bright and without black balls.
, an excess of positive emotions can lead to loss of logic – man being able to do different foolishness, from which then would be ashamed in front of people.
It is desirable that the level of positive emotions to be average, not one overloaded. Mean shining pillar-soul may not be totally covered only with black and white balls. -Must persist only white balls covering below of the pillar until half of it.

Now you can proceed to the next meditation. -)

2. MeditationMood control:

- Sometimes, before the transition to control mood, it is important to relax, to depart from the routine and life worries. In this case, it would be nice to meditate (think freely) for a few minutes over the things that you love, which evoke admiration and joy.

For example, imagine an island with palm trees, and all around there is only the ocean, in the sky lazily soar the clouds and flying seagulls. Also, you can imagine the gardens with apples (or other fruit), botanical gardens with exotic plants or green statues (made from shrubs), amazing fountains, etc. etc.

Very important to meditate in such a way, and then you will feel yourself more lightweight, freer. I recall that a similar practice of meditation it is desirable to use only for a few minutes, although sometimes even half a minute is enough.

Note: If you do not relax for a long time, then listen to some favorite music, then try again to think freely on something good. Also, you can watch a movie or something to play (whether it be a video game or something else).

Now you are ready to start meditation which allows easy to improve your mood and keep for a long time!


Figuratively, your mood is a bridge, which connects two shores of the human soul: rationality (rational thinking, the logic) and emotional state (natural part of the soul).

So, imagine that you look at the painting (picture), on which is painted two shores: one shore, from the left side of the painting, it's emotional state (which must be cleaned from negative emotions - see the first meditation), another shore, on the right side of the painting is the reason. Between these shores we see a deep chasm. At the bottom of the chasm - sits a bridge (or a footbridge, of very simple form). On a part of which we could see the word – the mood.

Attention! -Now, with power of your will and imagination you get ready to pick up (to raise) the mood-bridge.

– A tremendous power and light surrounds the bridge, and from the bottom of the deep chasm start to raise it higher and higher… and now having reached the tops of those shores. Now the bridge rises slightly above these two shores, slightly rotates, becoming straight and sits on them - one edge of the bridge connects the left shore, and the other edge connects the right shore, thereby are connected both shores of the soul (as a supplement, you can imagine that when connecting shores, for a moment, around the bridge appear electrical arcs, with a specific sound, as if combines two opposite electrical poles).

Now on the painting we see that the shores are joined and in the visible part of the bridge you see the word mood. –All is successfully completed! You raised your own mood.

You can even say to himself: "My mood was raised!". And do not forget to smile.

Now you are free to continue any work started before and you can going to the finish!

Note: Use this meditation whenever you need to get out of depression or apathy, when does not have mood at all nor for work neither for life. This simple meditation can become your salvation!

Live to the fullest, enjoy your life!

. . . . . . . . . .

The Author : Dmitry Ghervas (scientist theoretician, philosopher, writer, game designer )



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