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We-e-el, modding as paid pleasure! Yeah, will be paying to us, game developers!

– It was such a recent decision of the Valve (who do not understand – will be selling game modifications on Steam). This is valid for modding yet under The Elder Scrolls-5: Skyrim.

A lot of noise has risen because of this. Some idi ... Read more »

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Virtual reality device Oculus Rift can reveal to you the amazing places such as tourist attractions, planets, scenes from the movies or just push you into a world of nostalgia.

A great example of this - the arcade playing hall from the 80th years, recreated in virtual reality, like The New Retro Arcade by Digital Cyber ... Read more »

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For ten years we are waiting for when Valve will present desired, but not announced and not even confirmed the continuation of Half-Life.

In this new fan video represents how our hero Gordon Freeman, little older but more fat, is suffering from boredom, waiting for a new chance to fight against the combines and again to save the Earth.

This is very sad, almost tragic... in video, an ... Read more »

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Razer company at exhibition CES presented the virtual reality glasses Hacker Dev Kit.
Very strange name for glasses, is not it?

Razer Hacker Dev Kit comes in stores in June 2015 and will cost $ 200.


... Read more »

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  The trading network Walmart by mistake sold to American Igor Baksht a box with two rocks instead of the console PS4.

  About this reports the site 7News Den ... Read more »

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  The psychologist Ariel Baskin-Sommers from Yale University, together with colleagues from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has made a special investigation and found out - If true psychopaths will play in special digital games, then at them begin to appeare the feelings uncharacteristic for t ... Read more »

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How would be incredible, but one policeman from Dubai has gathered the largest collection of games from Nintendo and won the record of book Guinness World Records. His name is Ahmed bin Fahad, has 33 years old and is a policeman from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Ahmed started to collect the games twenty years ago and currently in his home is more th ... Read more »

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US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accused the Japanese company Sony in misleading advertising of PS Vita and demanded to return $ 25 or give a coupon for $ 50 on PSN to those buyers, who bought the console until June 2012.
Sony Computer Entertainment&nb ... Read more »

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The company Apple will no longer be called as free those games in which there is micropayments.

For this purpose Apple changed the inscription on the download button F2P games in the English version in App Store from «Free» to «Get». In this way they have taken ... Read more »

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Games from the series Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament and other shooters help players to substantially improve brain function and done faster tasks requiring attention, perception and concentration.

This is reported in study by professor at the University of Rochester, Daphne Beval ... Read more »

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