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"Destiny" helped the player to recover after seven operations on the brain !!!

Incredible, but is true!

After seven operations on the brain the game "Destiny" helped the patient to recover!

The user "Bkbunny87" on Reddit web-site wrote about her husband Eric's and how the game "Destiny" was helping his recovery:

"To my extreme surprise, his neurologist told us that video games have been showing tremendous use as a PT (physical therapy) tool for brain and memory damage... He even brought Destiny up on his computer and after some speed reading he was all but jumping at the opportunity the game could pose for someone in my husbands position."

The doctor considered this a potential opportunity for healing.

Bungie has decided to bestow them for this player a special weapon - "The Fate of All Fools scout rifle", a solar primary that looks like it will be available in future content. .

Finnaly she wrote: "Yesterday I had a post talking about my husband and his Doctor recommending Destiny to serve as a form of physical therapy for him following several brain surgeries."

"Vision of Confluence had been my husband's dream weapon, as scout is his favourite and he wanted that solar damage. A more perfect weapon could not have been chosen... I'm so jealous, but mostly so damn happy for him."

- Well, wish him good health and faster healing! :)

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