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Play with developers in "Devs Play" video series

The studio Double Fine (game Psychonauts, Broken Age, Brutal Legend) has launched a video series about the creation of video games, and is called "Devs Play".

In this video series, the developers talk about the creation of the famous video game and play in them.

The first Devs Play is dedicated to Alladin (1993) and to The Lion King (published in 1994)

There starred the developer Greg Rice (from Double Fine) and Louis Castle (co-founder of Westwood studio), which developed The Lion King.





In the first episode they talk about the experience of cooperation between developers and animators of Disney, and also about the features of the games.

This was reported by Gamasutra.

Currently were announced five more episodes (perhaps of first season). They will go out once a week.

In the second episode will talk about Earthbound, in the third - Gauntlet DS, in the fourth - The Legend of Zelda, the fifth - Doom and in the sixth - Psychonauts.

As guests at Double Fine will come the developers such as Mike Mika and John Romero.

-A great series! We waiting the continuation! :)

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