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(eng.) “Sketch Tales” – An incredible example of sacrifice for the love of their own work

“Sketch Thales”  is already on Kickstarter! –Very fresh, very hot mix of gameplay madness and creative frenzy.

Finally, this incredible indie project appeared on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/8dstudio/sketch-tales

And to make it happen, Alex Sytianov, game designer and director of 8D Studio, sold his own apartment in Kiev (incredible!), opened this studio, hired smart guys, made a prototype of the game, and finally put it on Kickstarter.

–For advertising, for money? –It does not matter, the main thing is that the development of the game will continue.

By the way, in a personal interview for the site interactivograf.do.am, Alex responded to a question about why his 8D Studio so strangely called:



“– 8D it is multi-valued symbol, it is and cheerful smiley and multidimensionality (various dimensions), exactly what we're doing."

"But why sell an apartment ?!" you ask. To be independent! Because investors and publishers want to manage the development process, less to do experiments, and it is better not to do them, believing that "mass player" wants to play only in recognizable game forms and methods.


A true indie developer would never allow that to intervened any stupid managers, who do not understand anything in game development, especially such an original, ambitious and very unusual game, as it is Sketch Tales”.


“– I sold the apartment to start developing – has told us Alex – the professionals are expensive, and it was a choice, that do not pull it (developing) for years.


However, the sale of apartment should be considered as an incredible act of courage and sacrifice of the already independent developer.

– This is crazy ?!

Perhaps this someone seems such, but only a great love for their work pushes to the incredible things.

Suppose even Alex a few years ago could not even imagine that the apartment, donated by his father, he would sell for ... a-a-a ... for the love! –A huge, enormous Love for his work - the creation of games! And the games as is known at the moment, is already one of the greatest art of all time!

In this picture you see approximately how Alex Sytianov invented the game "Sketch Tales":

– And what kind of game it is? This is children's shooter?

– No!

– This is 2.5 / 3D retro game?
– No!

– This is what you will create itself – with your hands, with your brain!
– How ?!

As stated the developer on the Kickstarter page, each player, in a special simple editor inside the game, for itself will be able to draw whatever he wants – any character or game object – and after will be able to play with them. With certain character we can even to speak with him - probably to accept from him a new mission or find out where the bad guys are here.

Will there be a missions, tasks. prepared scenarios of actions at a certain level? We will surely know about it. Since in the course of development will have access to an earlier version, and this means that will appear updates.

The perspective of development of this game looks as in this picture:

- First, in the spring of 2015 will be early access for their "clients" from Kickstarter.
- Then in the summer of the same year - early access for everyone (apparently on Steam!)
- Spring 2016 - beta version of the game.
- Well, in the beginning of 2017 – a finished gold version.
In general, it will be continue a little more than two years! I think it is normal for a good indie project.


It is impossible to say much about this project. It is better to take a look for yourself on the project page. Hurry to personally help the game to grow: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/8dstudio/sketch-tales



Us wish to developers a very big and "hairy" good luck, which will smell with money right up to the abomination! And that this rustling "abomination" would transform this gaming concept into a great, interesting, stunning game.
- Good luck and success! :)


A few details:

8D Studio was founded in Kiev (Ukraine) in spring of 2014 by Alex Sytianov, who is well known as the lead game designer of shooter games “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl” and “Survarium”. After years of work in big studios Alex decided to go indie to dedicate all his talent and creativity to a project he was dreaming about during a decade. Alex even sold his apartment in order to fund an initial development stage of Sketch Tales.

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