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(eng.) SKIES - from heaven to earth or Post-apocalypse of the 22 th century!

Recently on crowdfunding service Kickstarter appeared the new post-apocalyptic free-to-play MMORPG named "SKIES", from the ukrainian developers, who works in the company EFORB.

About a week later, the same game project appeared in Steam Greenlight. – The developers obviously want to loudly declare about themselves. It can be seen there is a serious motive. Let`s to follow...

So – post-apocalyptic... - something has fallen, collapsed, exploded and...  everything and everywhere became bad… dirt, poverty, hunger, bandits, armed formations, monsters and other "beauty"... in general - romantically! :)

Some would say that something like this have seen in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., in Rage etc. and even in some movies, such as The Matrix (!), Mad Max...

However, SKIES  has its own special world, its original story, based on an already published book, with the same title "SKIES" (Поднебесье – rus.).

The action takes place in the second half of the 22th century, after the terrible catastrophe, as a consequence of the increased activity of the sun, and the Earth was almost incinerated.
In short, the sky was filled with ash, which precipitated for over a century, by the early of 2150-2170.

And the fun begin!..


On the page of the game in Kickstarter it was announced about support for multiple gaming platforms, including mobile.

The game will have the view from the 1st person, switching on the third, nonlinear plot (subject) with lots of quests, the creation of your own special character and unique role-playing system, economic system (buying and selling), the struggle for resources, clan wars, crafting and a huge world to explore, which will respond to any actions of the player. And this world will change over time, according to the player's actions.

-And this whole thing, exactly at this time, is already under construction on the popular game engine Unity3D.

-Gradually, the project will appear on Steam, for early access.







The game seems to be interesting, attractive ... Of course, there are a lot of promises, but when and what exactly will see in the game - is unknown. Its rapid appearance in Steam Greenlight  clearly shows that the team is optimistic and works hard.

And this served to take a closer look with this attractive game project. Therefore I considered it is necessary to take interview from the most important developer of the project - Anton Paramonov – game designer, writer, art director of this game.


He has only 27 years old, but in spite of such "young" age, he has published a book and started to create a serious and large-scale game project "SKIES".

Question: Anton, your studio (or something like a separate company) is called EFORB Gamebox. What does it mean?

Anton Paramonov: The company EFORB - abbreviated from "Everything for business". Its founder is Anton Ustymenko, with whom I started a project SKIES  and now this game goes under the flags of the company. In general, the company is engaged in several directions.

Question: Judging by the video on Kickstarter, you're here as a screenwriter and as a director in one person. -) Still, what you namely doing in the team?


Anton Paramonov: I'm in the team as a screenwriter, director and producer, and game designer,
and sometimes I draw something or do animation. My path in the gaming industry was interesting – I tried to do everything, including programming.

Question: On Kickstarter it was announced that the game is based on your book like a novel. When did you have time to write it? :)

Anton Paramonov: Yes, 5 years ago I had such experience. I decided to write for the competition on the site deadland.ru. There, by the way, is a very old version and without editorial, and I do not advise you to read it. About Kickstarter - we badly have prepared to it. And indeed, an unknown studio have nothing to wait there.

Question: In the first video, which is in the top of the page on Kickstarter, you look as if during the week you have been detained in prison. :) Can be seen that you are very exhausted. Probably, you rehearsed a lot or did not sleep well? :)

Anton Paramonov: All videos we were filming during the week. Really have a lot of work, because in addition to preparation for Kickstarter, there were many other problems: both organizational and technical. Here now, when we received very good support in Steam, we decided to try to reduce the release date and for players will show alpha in January, with more functionality than planned at the end of the campaign on Kickstarter. But it's worth it!

Question: In the new update of the page on Kickstarter, I saw a video which shows the dialogues between the characters. If would like to speak more seriously - "RPG system of the replicas." These yours scheme of the replicas seemed to me enough entangled ... seems that it is a "brain cancer"! -)) And with this you "torture" the other people in the team ?! -)) You invented it himself in such form or take an existing example?

Anton Paramonov: Yes, the "brain cancer!" :) :) This is a whole scheme for creating quests. Oddly enough, this is the hardest part, which is necessary to "fight". The dialogue system
I invented myself and tried to do everything on their own (by myself) at the drafting stage before developing. In general, this process lasted almost six months. – I develop a system, guys picked up a handy tool – and we started working.

Question: Your game looks like a game such as Rage, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and other similar post-apocalyptic worlds. However, you have more or less the original story, which takes place in the not so near future - half of 22th century.

As an author and screenwriter, are you going give a chance for humanity in this future to become on the another way, a more peaceful, more constructive?

Here I remembered for example the universe of Star Trek – there after a large-scale nuclear war,
humanity was revived and after a hundred years, started to travel the cosmos on the starships.

What vision of the future may be in your game - all the same strongly negative (!) or with the hope of a good future? Show for readers some of your vision. -)

Anton Paramonov: Well I would not say that we are very similar to Rage or S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. We have more desert romance, human existence in the conditions of rebirth from its origins. A Man may in any condition to remain human, but there are conditions in which he can show himself more real.

In life is a lot of dirt, but if had the same conditions as those described in the book and are shown in the game, then the mud would be manifested even more. And to some degree I want to show – that in any situation Man will survive and only depends on him, how it will develop the humanity: whether it will live in agony or will strive to new heights and achievements.

By the way, the book "SKIES"  I would not put it to the military fiction, but to the post-apocalyptic romanticism. There are described fate of the people, well as friendship, love, betrayal and how all this exists in the new world.

Question: Your game is an RPG with elements of shooter on the Free-To-Play commercial basis. Are you going in any imaginable future to create a game with a single mode?


Anton Paramonov: Yes, I thought about it. Me myself liked the story that I wrote, but it can not exist in the framework of the MMO. It should be a game with single mode, in order to show to the maximum what I wanted to convey in the text. Maybe later. There are still too a lot, that I want to get done.

. . .

– OK, thank you very much, Anton! I think you have answered well and with dignity. And it's really cool that you have a business partner - there is who helps you. This is excellent! In general, I wish you great success and good luck in any gaming endeavors. :) Be healthy!


So, SKIES promises to be "free", huge, cool, with regular updates, including story. In the future, if the MMO project would succeed, is possible that will begin development of the game with a single mode of passing, into the same universe.

We will wait! :)

And who wants to really help this project right now, not only by word, but also with the money, then the way is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eforb/skies-mmorpg?ref=nav_search

But to increase the rating of the game on Steam Greenlight, then you here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=344309891

The addresses where you can find information about this game:





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