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The game "Hatred" - an example of unjustifiable violence or The Justice of Steam

  Sometimes I wonder, why in some games you just need to run around and shoot everything that gets in the way... What is the meaning of such game?

  But the Polish game developers of “Hatred” (3D shooter, isometric view) probably also think about this.
Especially without resorting to morality, they simply "explain" the behavior of the main character of the game that he hates all humanity.

Thereby, this antihero easily falls into the category of maniacs murderers.

Maybe the developers should have to say honestly that their character is just sick psychopath, maniac murderer? And if he will be caught and finally will be neutralized, then humanity will become easier to live? And then will not be so many angry comments to this game? Maybe... but now it does not matter.


The game Hatred” on the same day has been removed from Steam Greenlight, where it placed. However, the game managed to gain a serious number of votes - 13,148 !!! And came to 7th place in the top 100.


Even if the game was removed from Steam Greenlight, and it is doubtful that the final version will put on Steam (although the game Manhunt and Postal are sold there!), all the same the developers are very optimistic declare that they will try to put the game for sale to other trading platforms, and also on their personal website.

Also, in Steam Greenlight  will be a lot of negative criticism on "Hatred" - this was the main reason to remove the game, as reports Eurogamer.

  Is it necessary in the games to give explanation of unjustifiable violence or just leave for players to judge independently the game? But how then would be the case with morals and ethics in society and how to educate young people?

 It would be necessary that developers should think seriously on their game, not only to enjoy for good ratings and excellent advertising.

However, they also will be responsible for their strange and hard creation.

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