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Glue Engine - Development Stages

Welcome to the first post that includes Glue Engine latest updates.

Glue Engine is a whole development studio that its goal is to be very easy for experienced developers and even for starters!

Glue Engine has the easiest editor layout designed especially for developers and regular users that really want to focus on the game mechanics and not dealing with complicated engine design. The main buttons that lets you create the game are in front of the layout and the rest in Tools Section!

Glue Engine is easy enough for professional developers or casual developers!

No light calculations required in order for the lights to be applied with the shadows in the scene or even in the final game. Just place the lights and the engine will automatically calculate the required shaders and applies them for you.

The latest updates:

Added Audio Player and Audio/Music Editor.

Home page of Glue Engine: http://www.gluengine.com/


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