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The Games - it's almost the only good "pills" for psychopaths

  The psychologist Ariel Baskin-Sommers from Yale University, together with colleagues from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has made a special investigation and found out - If true psychopaths will play in special digital games, then at them begin to appeare the feelings uncharacteristic for themselves, as empathy, compassion.
As is known, at psychopaths is characteristic the cruelty in relation to others, are unable to feel the sincere remorse and.they find it harder to feel a sense compassion.

Psychopaths just ignore the information that helps to avoid antisocial behavior: for example, they do not think about the possible punishment, at the time when they are focused on their goals.

The researcher Ariel Baskin-Sommers has developed a treatment program specifically for such patients.
Psychopaths have played video games, where was necessary to pay attention to the incentives, which are not relevant to the purpose.



According to the results of several experiments, research participants began to notice the signals that previously were not paying attention. In general has improved their behavior and emotional involvement.



The researchers said that the modern methods of treatment, of those who suffer from antisocial illnesses, are inadequate.
And they hope that their work help to improve the treatment programs in prisons for mentally ill prisoners. About this reports the site of Yale University.

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