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Half-Life 2 - over 10 years with us!

Incredibly, but on November 16 the game Half-Life 2 already marks 10 years old !

In those days, in 2004, it was a great continuation of a great game, with other more advanced plot (subject, story), with excellent graphics and perfectly made characters, with a new renewed map editor.

By the way, the word half-life is actually a scientific term that means period disintegration on half (half-life period) of nuclear radioactive elements.
- I think it's a great symbolic and clever title for such a game. -)

I remember that the first time I enthusiastically bought this game on the disk for PC. But the complexity of the passing game a little confused me.
As screenwriter, was very interested to know how is the story of this game. I even had to insert the cheat codes to get it to the end... and in the finale I was a bit disappointed by the plot. It turned out in the story of this game still left a lot unsaid things.


In fact, all the action of the game happening at a very good background story, but the main story line was quite poor. And about the background story had to read somewhere on the side.
Finally, I realized that the essence of Half-Life 2 is not in the plot, but is in the game situations, with which need to encountered at almost every step. And we must note that the game mechanics itself is quite simple - it is a very simple FPS system with elements of shooter (would say quite primitive), and with very simple RPG elements.

But the genius of this game there is in that how unusual, how varied turned out the game situations, the tasks on the levels. The player has to maximum use the brains to cope with the new task, to solve the problem and also come out alive from the situation.

And I think namely the game series Half-Life (not only Half-Life 2) need to teach the game developers how to make games!

But 10 years have passed, and the third part (besides the episodes), did not appear.

I'd like to say to Valve -- Hey, wake up! Enough to make all sorts of stupid games about zombies and children's fairy RPG. Proceed at last to a smart, serious game!
And I wish you much health and patience in this difficult matter! -)


More details about Half-Life 2 on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Half-Life_2

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID1dWN3n7q4

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