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Sony will pay for its misleading advertising of PS Vita!

US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accused the Japanese company Sony in misleading advertising of PS Vita and demanded to return $ 25 or give a coupon for $ 50 on PSN to those buyers, who bought the console until June 2012.
Sony Computer Entertainment  made a deal with the FCS and agreed to comply with the requirement.
About this reports Gamesindustry.biz.

In fact the problem was the following: FTC did not like the PS Vita early advertising which was in 2011-2012 - Sony promised "revolutionary services" such as Remote Play, the possibility to start playing on PS3, to pause and then continue to play it on the PS Vita from the same place.
But such functional was available only in a few games, and all work in different ways.

And in some projects as a shooter Killzone 3 has not added a Remote Play, although precisely on this game it advertised. US Federal Trade Commission is not pleased with the fact that Sony does not pointed to the need to buy games for both platforms to use the Remote Play.

As well was accused that it promised for buyers the "live" network play over 3G. But in fact, over the mobile network could play only in those projects where the action in multiplayer need to play by turns (one-by-one).
Under prosecution also got Deutsch LA (advertising agency), which helps with the promotion of Sony PS Vita. FTC did not like that not long before the release of the console on the market, those advertisers have launched a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #gamechanger, in which the leaders of Deutsch LA asked to participate their employees. Many advertised PS Vita, without pointing out that are associated with an advertising agency or Sony, and this is prohibited by the rules of the US Federal Trade Commission.

Other details:

PS Vita - a portable console of Sony, the successor of the PSP. At the 11 December 2011 appeared PS Vita in Japan, and at the February 22, 2012 - in other countries. October 10, 2013 in Japan came out the lite version, known as the PS Vita 2000, and at the following year this console appeared in Europe. PS Vita support service Remote Play, which allows you to run games on it for PS3 - PS4. Console sales worldwide exceeded 8 million units.

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