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Retro arcade game hall from 80th recreated in VR

Virtual reality device Oculus Rift can reveal to you the amazing places such as tourist attractions, planets, scenes from the movies or just push you into a world of nostalgia.

A great example of this - the arcade playing hall from the 80th years, recreated in virtual reality, like The New Retro Arcade by Digital Cybercherries.

As it is informed, this simulation was created on the Unreal Engine-4.

Most importantly - you can play almost on all retro arcade machines, which are presented in this hall.  At the same time, buttons and joysticks move according to commands and you see immediately the changing of images on virtual CRT-monitors.
In addition to the arcade machines, there is a fully functional bowling, darts, two basketball machine, workable cassette player and also the working of first version of Game Boy, in which you can play in some games.
I always dreamed of such virtual playing hall! And now it has become a reality! Virtual reality!
Just look at this video. Incredible! -)

Official site: http://digitalcybercherries.com/

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