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Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty and other shooters help players to improve the brain

Games from the series Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament and other shooters help players to substantially improve brain function and done faster tasks requiring attention, perception and concentration.

This is reported in study by professor at the University of Rochester, Daphne Bevalier who published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

This was reported on the website Science Daily:

In a study Bevalier says that the human brain is always trying to predict the next action, regardless of what we do: talk, drive a car or perform surgery.
To improve the prediction, the brain is constantly building special models or what to call their professor, "templates". And the better to receive these templates, mean better performance of the brain. As explained Bevalier, shooters help improve the quality of these "templates".

Scientists invited volunteers and divided them into two groups: the first for nine weeks played 50 hours a fast shooter, including Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty. The second group spent as much time in calmer projects such as The Sims.
As a result, those  who enjoy shooters, improved the quality of their "templates" and exceeded the the players from the other group.

Bevalier concluded that players shooters cope with the task better because the templates formed "on the fly" and makes it much faster than the others, showing a more developed ability to learn.

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