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The developers of Stalker Apocalypse (ex Areal) again asks money

The studio West Games, which is the developer of the controversial project Areal, returned to crowdfunding with the same proposal, but under a new name - Stalker Apocalypse.
This is the same project Areal? Or there is a completely redesigned version?

The previous game was made on Unity3D.


Now this "different" project is made on the Unreal Engine-4  for PC and consoles.
But again are declared that working the former developers of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

And appeared the new models, game assets, new story, support of virtual reality through Oculus Rift, but in the same setting.

O-o-oh, and this game is very much like the abandoned project S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-2...

They say: "We were formerly developing a game called Areal, but after raising funds on our website and listening to our fans, we decided to re-focus our vision, and develop what is now STALKER Apocalypse".
-Sounds not bad, but also suspicious.

Their "Areal" campaign on Kickstarter  failed completely after a lot of users, who have given money, began to complain.


Hmm, the developers are very persistent ... naiv, childish persistent.

-It can be seen that they desperately want to make the game look like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - like so they are very love this postapocalyptic world.


But this time, these "children" little changed and embellished the old idea.
And for this naivety they ask "only" 600,000 dollars.
But, what? You feel sorry for money?

-"Kids" have grown up?


Well, I'm not going to judge.
Just go to their page on the World Wide Funder (God, from where it come from?) and decide for yourself what to do - to help or to crap.
Here is: https://wfunder.com/project/185#basics

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1 12feliperock • 7:27 PM, 2014-12-13 [Entry]
O_O wacko
2 DmitryONik80 • 7:58 PM, 2014-12-13 [Entry]
By the way, the multicolored monster shows the almost complete lack of originality, because every idiot can draw a dog and pour on it a lot of cans of paints.
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