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In "Star Wars: The Old Republic" during its existence appeared 57 million characters!

In the latest press release of Electronic Arts was shown last statistics on the MMORPG game "Star Wars: The Old Republic".

Is reported the following: the players have created 57 million characters, and 7 million of them have members of the jedi order. Players spent 635 million hours.

Now in this project, created by BioWare, there are about 1 million active players.


Details can be seen on the following poster:

In December 9, 2014 BioWare expand the "Star Wars: The Old Republic" with the add-on "Shadow of Revan". It tells about the jedi Revan. He was a hero of the Civil War. But he gathered around him fanatics to destroy the rebels and the Empire. "Shadow of Revan" add to the game a new story missions and will raise the maximum level to 60. You can pre-order this add-on for $ 20 - http://www.swtor.com/shadow-of-revan

Those who have done it before 2 November, will be able to play in the "Shadow of Revan" for a week before the others. Until December 1, their characters above level 55 will receive 2 times more experience in the story missions for its class. Also for pre-order before December 1 will give figurine of Revan and the first expansion "Rise of the Hutt Cartel".

Brief history of the project:

"Star Wars: The Old Republic" - multiplayer role-playing game from the studio BioWare, which was released on the PC in the 20th December 2011 and gained on the aggregator GameRankings average score of 83.87%. Its budget exceeded $150 million. In the two months on it was signed by 1.7 million players, but by May 2012 the number had fallen to 1.3 million, and by July dropped below 1 million.

In November, publisher Electronic Arts turned the game on the F2P  model and keep subscription for interested persons.

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