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ZX Spectrum - the rebirth on IndiGoGo!

Well... The device ZX Spectrum - an 8-bit personal home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1982 to 1992 by Sinclair Research Ltd...

And now, the company Retro Computers launched a campaign on IndieGoGo, to raise money for a new version of this 8-bit home computer.
About this is reported on the campaign page.

This new device, called Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega has personally approved by Clive Sinclair, the creator of the original version.

With the development of device is engaged Chris Smith, who is the author of projects for the ZX Spectrum. The updated version will be connected to the TV.
Instead of a keyboard will be offered a simplified gamepad, and it will be supplied with one thousand pre-installed games.

Users will be able to use the SD memory card. In addition to it, Retro Computers promises to release free games for the computer when it goes on sale.

If the developers will collect approximately $ 157 thousand, then Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega will appear in stores in February to the next year.

First will be sent a limited batch to 1 thousand pieces of devices, and then will expand the manufacture - up to 3 thousand, then to 10 thousand and more.


Attention: the device will cost about $ 150 (-OMG !!!).

When these devices will be more, it will become cheaper.

. . .

-Oh... I do not even know what to say... be pleased or to cry ?! -))

For such money could still attach a small display.

. . .

Details about the original device:

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