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(eng.) Adequate time for play or How much need to play, that do not get to the hospital

We've noticed that many of the players too much time devote his favorite games - from 10 hours or more. Some even lose entire days on the game, even without resting.
I recall a sad case with fatal outcome, when one avid player died after several days of continuous play, without rest. What he had played does not matter. The problem is that this player generally was completely absent of a normal education regarding the playing time, the rest time, regarding the physical and mental health, neither of personal life.
The most terrible, that such sad cases were many. There have been more sinister cases, even criminal. I specify that now it is about the health of the players and the time spent playing.

So, on this theme appears an elementary question: How much time should be given for the game?
I paraphrase a bit: How much time is normal to play?
I personally (the author of this article), being an inveterate player, I came to a conclusion a long time ago about this theme and I've already answered to myself on this question, which is wrenching for some. My recommendations are:

  • Play 2 hours per day (only): on working days (usually Monday to Saturday);

  • Play 5 hours per day (only): on days off or weekends (either Saturday or Sunday);

  • Play 8 hours per day: only for professionals who deal with the analysis of games (video or text creation reviews on games, etc.), respectively for game developers, journalists or scientists who study games. And for cyber sportsmen, if those are.


So this is the normal time of play - from 2 to 8 hours per day, depending on the circumstances. Even recommend to play more often, but spending for this occupation a suitable amount of time! And it always will charge you with a positive and constructive energy, reduce the stress, a bit detaches from routine, helping to even see its own problems in a different light on the way to solving them, will help you prepare for serious projects or intensive work.
And it is not a joke, but is quite serious. Memorize, please:

  • - Yes, the game can help you easily solve the problem!

  • - Yes, the game can charge you with a positive and constructive energy!

  • - Yes, the game can help you gather your thoughts for intensive work!


Be careful, please, because health is very valuable, besides, nature gives us life only once. It is understandable that if you lose your life and health, then you will lose the opportunity to play a lot of games which appear throughout. -)

Memorize how many hours is normal to you for playing, and this time it will work in your favor!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The author – Dmitry Ghervas (scientist theoretician, game designer, writer, graphic designer)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghervas.dt

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DmitryGhervas

LinkedIn: http://lnkd.in/bcwr2GP

GameDevMasters: http://gamedevmasters.com/dmitrygh


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